While Brictek, and other construction toys, might not be as flashy as other toys, they are vital to aid in problem solving skill development. It is recommended that parents need to design environments that encourage and enhance problem solving from a young age.

Construction toys, like Brictek, seem ideally suited to do that, and they may also help children develop

  • fine motor skills
  • spatial skills
  • cognitive skills
  • social skills
  • language skills

Let’s review some of the less obvious developmental benefits of playing with toy bricks in a bit more detail.

Spatial Skills

Several studies have reported the link between spatial skills and construction play. Building structures encourages a child to test spatial relationships and mentally rotate objects in the mind’s eye. Such practice might lead kids to develop superior spatial abilities.

Cognitive Skills

Brictek bricks are designed so that they fit together neatly and easily. The nature of these construction toys means that they are an ideal toy for learning about mathematical relationships. At a basic level such materials encourage the use of positional language and the language of measurement- long and short, big and small, over and under, on top of and below- but it can also become more specific and precise- ‘I need another four’, ‘I need a little piece—just two dots’, ‘I need a thin piece to make this as high as that’, ‘I need a one to fill this gap’. Listen and you will see that kids are doing quite complex math, involving addition, subtraction and even fractions, in order to work out the exact pieces that they need to complete their creations.

Social Skills

Brictek themed sets support social and emotional development in three areas: understanding myself, understanding others and understanding my world.

Understanding Myself– The house set and mini figurines allow kids to explore emotions and characteristics. How are the figurines similar and different? Kids will begin to discuss personal likes and dislikes and practice respect for the opinions of others. The creative play sets allow kids to explore their own imaginations. They can construct their favourite objects or places and begin to understand their own creativity and abilities as well as appreciation those of others.

Understanding Others– Kids can use the figurines and the house to talk about different kinds of families and their traditions. Kids will immediately connect with their own families and activities, but when they play with others, they will be able to recognize and develop respect for similarities and differences.

Understanding My World– The creative play sets, along with the variety of community helper figurines and sets will help children explore the world around them, role play various community scenarios, construct and discuss common building they find in their community, and help them develop a sense of their own communities.

Language Skills

Children are driven to communicate with others and develop language skills through speaking and listening to others. Bricks, figures, and other resources help evoke this language as children excitedly describe their stories and creations. Early language and literacy also foster collaboration as children intuitively construct stories together, each adding a unique perspective to the whole end result.